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"The only words that come to me about the Women’s Oasis Weekend are – Life Changing" ~ DOTTIE


"My heart’s desire is to spend time with our Lord; to pursue Him, but also to minister to Him.... I felt an instant connection when I read the brochure that I wanted to participate. I knew the purity of heart in some of the leaders and immediately wanted to sit under their teaching/sharing. It was something fresh and new to me. I loved the fellowship with my sisters in the Lord. Joy came as I saw those who were like-minded.... God-chasers, our hearts and eyes turned toward Him. We were loved and treated with such excellence by the leaders.... But in the end, we would agree that it is all because of Him, by Him, and for Him. I pray His increase over this ministry". ~ JESSICA


"At the Women’s Oasis weekend the Lord took me back to the place of being a child.... A place to rest in my Father’s arms and be still. The Lord spoke words to my heart as well as through others. I was able to grasp the beauty of - the honor of being His glory bearer and fortified to lift my head up high and receive His love at a deeper level. God knew what I needed and used the conference to reveal more of Himself to me. It was a time, well worth the sacrifice of all the other things I had to say "no" to, and other things I wanted to do that weekend. I walked away changed and more established in the peace of God’s sovereignty, refreshed, with my heart and head held much higher". ~ SHERRY



"We were lavished upon in so many ways – anointed speakers, accommodations, wonderful meals, gifts, massages.... it wasn’t like any conference I had ever been to. It was restful, not hurried. I really appreciated your sensitivity and flexibility to just flow as the Spirit moved. Even though we were in a group, there was deep intimacy with the Lord. The worship wasn’t singing songs, but being ushered into the very Throne Room of Heaven.... Beautiful!" ~ PAMELA

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