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The Harvest of your sufferings ~

A vision was laid before me of a large field ripened for harvest. Tall stocks of grain stood with full heads of seed overlaid with gold. The harvest field was bowing in the wind like waves of water as Father God breathed over it…

And Holy Spirit whispered: As from the beginning, The Spirit of the Lord is hovering over the deep - to bring forth a new birth. This ‘deep’ is within you. This ‘deep’ is He Himself. And the new birth is a great harvest produced from your intimacy and oneness with Him in the midst o

f suffering. This harvest is so precious to Him… of greater worth than gold. “I Am reaping the harvest of your sufferings.” (Selah) When you open wide your heart to fellowship with Him in your sufferings, you become overlaid with gold…the glory gold of intimacy and oneness with Me. This gold is the same gold interwoven in the garments of my bride…

Although your circumstances are the enemies attempt to steal, kill and destroy, I have drawn you there, I have met you there, I have awakened you there, I have impregnated you there - with the very seed of God… and I will show my glory (as the forth one standing with you) while I reap this harvest - the harvest of your sufferings… You must le

arn to rest now, in the power of My Presence. Empty all the clutter that consumes you. Lay aside the reiterating thoughts, and self-will, so I may roam through you, heal you, and reconnect you with the joy of intimacy you were born of and designed to carry. “The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still.”” ‭‭Exodus‬ ‭14:14‬ ‭NIV

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