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…filled to the measure,

of the fullness of God…

I awoke to the arms of Father God lifting my child-like heart high in the air, and swinging me around. In sheer delight of this awakening, and His eyes that beamed with pleasure, I realized Jesus was allowing me to know Him in truth before I put one foot on the floor. As He perceived my desire to not have to leave this spirit view and re-enter my day in an earthbound condition, He whispered in my ear, “I have more than yesterday, and less than tomorrow…”

Father’s love pursues us to experience Him brand new every morning, with His goodness and mercy following us - like a robe billowing off our back.

The revelation of Jesus is to be your continual quest...realizing Him in everything. He desires to make all things new through His perfect love poured out, but we must learn to see Him in everything. I assure you, if our eye is caught by the erosion of our earthly circumstance, we will miss beholding Him in the midst, and soon become bent on seeing Him in nothing...

Often, we don’t realize the amazing transforming work in us which began in the Spirit, we are now trying to work out in the flesh. Somewhere along the way, we got caught in the distraction of everything being accomplished in our own strength.

We cannot work God’s will in us. God alone can do this. Our response to His desire to fill us to overflowing with the love power of the fullness of God, is simple. Stop…empty out…and wait on the Holy Spirit.

Cease trying to move forward in things of God while cluttered with the strivings of the flesh. First, humbly lay down all that consumes you…the good, the bad and the ugly, and wait with Him until you know you have met with Him.

Empty out the harassing rounds of dialog in your head... the need to have an answer... the pursuit of fixing your problems or pointing out the speck in someone’s eye. Empty out the quest for self realization and set your whole heart on the realization of Jesus. It is He alone who will heal, restore, and deliver... He alone will satisfy.

The effectual posture in life’s moments of being hard pressed on every side, is to look off of the painful trial and set our sights on things above... to see His beauty... to realize His truth has already won our victory!

Live your life in response to His pursuit. Train your attention to be captivated by His love and possession of you, all day long. This will cause His strength to rise in you. And you WILL soar above all that is earthbound. It is here you will recognize what I have been speaking to you about... the peaceful, powerful, sometimes silent... miraculous Presence of God.

All glory and honor unto Him “…one God and Father of all, who is over all and through all and in all.” Eph. 4:6

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