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He whispers with the dawn…

Updated: Jun 26, 2019

“Where is your Joseph’s coat?”

Like an expression of who He is, Father’s love awakened me to His ‘new every morning’ - as light broke through the darkness upon the horizon.

I laid still, not allowing any thought or feeling to disturb the quietness of my empty, as God’s Presence filled the capacity of my vessel with His beauty. His desire of me came seeping into every low place, like fog resting down on the forest floor…strengthening my heart in the valley of vision. And there, like a gentle breeze blowing through the trees, Father’s love whispered, “Where is your Joseph’s coat?”

A little perplexed by His words, I stayed still…assured He would bring me to His desired understanding. Then, He filled my spirit view with vision.

I saw a garment on the ground, beneath stones and rubble of a fallen structure… What once appeared to be a beautiful robe, was now covered in dust - torn, and frayed beyond repair. As I looked at the faded colors, I felt sadness and loss… Yet, knowing nothing is beyond His repair, I waited…

And with great pleasure and delight, Father breathed His breath of life!

“Your Joseph’s coat was an earthly reminder of all I have declared of your life…all I have predestined and promised you. It has been a confirmation and an encouragement to keep your faith filled with hopeful expectation of My completed work. However, this garment was only for a season. Your delight in this coat of many colors needed to be crushed so I could clothe you in a new mantle of My righteousness.

When you look upon the garment beneath the rubble, do not be discouraged or loose heart. My promises have not gone anywhere. Do not sit in the rubble, mourning the loss of your Joseph’s coat, but look up to Me. Fix your eyes on My passionate intentions for you. And do not spend your self on retrieving the old garment, trying to fix it, or continue to wear it. When I said, “Where is your Joseph’s coat?” I Am compelling your spirit to new heights of believing…causing you to leave the dust of past and soar with me to new places I have prepared for you. You can not arrive to these places on your own. I must dismantle the old, to rightly fit you for My new. Remember, My word is secure in the midst of this exchange. My word will not be shaken. It is eternal.

When your earthly circumstances seems like rubble around you, I Am there - captivated by what I have spoken of you…for My pleasure.

When all you see is an impassable mountain in front of you, I see you like a city set on a hill…and that mountain is perfect.

When you feel the ashes of death cover you like a blanket, I Am springing forth the green shoot of resurrection life in you - beneath it…

When your journey brings you to a valley of dry bones, I Am moving through it - right beside you - as if it were a field of lilies…

Oh my beautiful love, I Am consumed with My word!

I established My word of you - before the foundations of the earth were laid…each day, written in My book before one of them came to be! My word over your life can not be voided by the enemy or return to me void! I will complete my restoration of you and have you for Myself.

Trust Me in the dismantling… even rest down on Me in the rubble…

I am rightly fitting you for a new mantle.”

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Yes, Lord! All for Your glory!

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