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May I not seek outside of You…

Updated: Jun 25, 2019

What I can only find in You…

Before light broke on the horizon, I awoke to His love pursuit…dawning His Son with a longing for me to know Him more.

With great delight to be with me, His presence filled the room like a beautiful chandelier, each crystal dancing with joyful illumination, captivating my heart to be in awe of Him. I could feel His love (namely Jesus) within my chest – expanding a greater capacity for more of Himself. He both held me and pulled me upward all at the same time.

It was there His intentions spoke clearly to my spirit, reigniting me to live each day above my earthly circumstances, and reminding me in His loving-kindness that my heart would follow after what I treasure and spend my attention on.

Silence fell after His words.

I stayed still in His presence…emptying out everything that was crowding the space within me that was made for Him to dwell. I could feel His hand of ‘stay’ upon me, holding me in quiet surrender as the Light of His Love filled me again with my one pure desire.

Tears began to wash me as the power of His love lifted me up into His arms, leaving all that was an earthly treasure on the floor. He knew what I hungered for…He knew what I ‘wanted’ to be my treasure, but only He could lift me to the highest place in my desire of Him.

This message is about a love that is utterly beyond any power. His love that seeps in, takes over, and possesses every space we give Him. Father searches, with a deep longing, for any vessel who will simply be a resting place for the power of His love…willing to live empty of self (over and over) as a response back to Him. Even without words, this response cultivates the intimacy we were born of and made for.

Do you fear the thought of empty?

Have you lived so enmeshed with anxious thoughts, worry, fear, doubt, or even just the hurry and striving of life, that emptying out for the sake of His presence resting down in you, seems like a scary place?

Oh my beautiful friend, this empty of self is truly a readiness for all the Father has to pour into you… It is an internal posture of surrender to, and trust of - The Great I Am as your power source.

It is here we no longer live earthbound. It is here that “A thousand may fall at your side, and ten thousand at your right hand, but it will not come near you.” (Ps. 91:7)

It is here we live in the fullness of our inheritance. Right here…right now.

"He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High, will remain secure and rest in the shadow of the Almighty (whose power no enemy can withstand)." Psalms 91:1 AMP

For the Lord God, the Holy One of Israel has said this, “In returning (to Me) and rest you shall be saved. In quietness and confident trust is your strength.” Isaiah 30:15 AMP

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