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My goal is God Himself…

Updated: Jun 25, 2019

at any cost dear Jesus, and by any road

"Not that I have already attained all this, or have already arrived

at my goal, but I press on to take hold of that for which

Christ Jesus took hold of me." Philippians 3:14

After every flip-turn in the Olympic size pool, I would look for him as he would make his way to the opposite end of my lane. From my obstructed view through the water; the coaches and onlookers yelling out their directives, all I could usually make out were his feet. But it was enough. I knew them well. In all the skillful training and hours of preparation, it was Dad’s feet that spoke most clearly his words of wisdom. “Get your eye on the mark.” He would reiterate at the beginning of every race. “And don’t take them off until you reach it.”

Since that sweet childhood season of my life, more days than not I feel as though I’m on that final flip-turn of the Olympic size pool…pouring out the last bit I have within me, while searching through my obstructed view to find His feet.

And there they are. The feet of my Lord resounding the voice of my earthly father, “Keep your eye on the mark, and don’t take them off until you reach it.”

There they are, daily…the beautiful feet of Jesus paving the perfect way for us, straight to the lap of Heavenly Father. Clearly he is our example of the singular goal that should be our focus.

Take hold of him, my beautiful friend. Lay hold of that for which you have been taken hold of! He is the prize set before you. He is the Good Shepherd leading you to safe pasture. He is our quiet, still, water brook to drink from, and our daily strength to follow Him through the terrain of any circumstance. It is He, our Protector, who will be with us through every dark valley, whispering, “Darkness is as light to Me.”

The clear wisdom spoken to me by my earthly father so many years ago - through his feet at the pool’s edge, echoes in my spirit ear today. “There is no other mark than the feet of my Lord who left His footprints for me to follow. There is no other goal than to fix my eyes on Him until I reach the end.” And for that prize set before me, I press on!

  • So what is the goal you have set your sights on today?

  • Is it to gain a title of position - 1st, 2nd, 3rd place?

  • To be known in your talents?

  • Maybe it’s a want or need to be answered, or a past pain to be resolved?

There is an unending list of concerns, supported by well meaning reasons that compete for our attention. But would we be so bold as to narrow our sights to the one powerful call of fixing our eyes on Him alone and following the moment by moment leading of our Good Shepherd?

Would we consider living with ‘no other wants’?

Father, You are my goal to which I run. I make it my aim to live in Your intimate presence and spend myself on surrendering to the power of Your love poured out. Thank You for being the Champion of my heart. You are my full reward

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