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The mystery of Jesus,

taking us deeper…

Awakened by His whisper, I felt warmth from the Light searching me and knowing me... Holy Spirit roamed through my inner most being like a healing oil, soothing every place, reconciling it back to Father’s intentions.

“Be still and know,” He invited… As He caught my attention with the assurance that everything was just as it should be. Not the way I wanted… Not the way I had prayed for… And certainly not His finished work. But the perfect conduit for my vessel to be filled to the measure of the fullness of God.

To the natural eye, nothing in my circumstance had changed. Yet, as He dawned Himself ‘brand new’, I recalled it was His steadfast love that had brought me here…corralling me to know Him in deeper depths…withholding…waiting…hovering over me with the greatest of confidence. He had hemmed me in – behind and before, and laid His hand of favor upon me.

I held my internal posture in quietness and trust, all through the day, as His presence invaded me. His eyes, piercing with the purest holy fire, distinguished any clammer and confusion of painful trial around me and within. His resurrection life flowed from the cross like a holy blood transfusion, even as the furnace of my circumstance continued to be fueled by enemy tactics. Yet nothing could touch me as I stayed restful, dwelling in the secret place of His presence, trusting Him with everything…even the darkness.

The mystery of Jesus was taking me deeper, into waters that flowed from beneath the throne, touching everything with His healing. And this, is His intention...

This intimacy with our Lord takes us from living a life as an orphan - holding out for the next miracle…to living in the miraculous– as a child born of God, born of the Spirit. This intimacy of fellowship with Him is a state of ‘being’ that picks us up off the floor from beneath the banquet table where we’ve been searching for crumbs, and sets us like a seal upon His arm to be escorted to our rightful place…displayed in the face of the enemy.

“Place me like a seal over your heart, like a seal upon your arm; for love is as strong as death, its jealousy unyielding as the grave. It burns like blazing fire, like a mighty flame.” Song of Solomon 8:6

Knowing Him in this way, satisfies our whole being. Father brings clarity to our identity - as we identify with Jesus amidst our suffering...choosing in our painful moments to remember in detail, even speak back to Him in adoration - the painful moments of His life here on earth that far surpass our own, yet perfectly touch the root of our condition. Softly and tenderly, He calls for us to lay down everything and fellowship with Him there. Miraculously, right in the midst of what seeks to destroy us, and crush Father’s promises with lies of who we are…right there, He wants to pour Himself all over us. Right there, He wants us to live in our inheritance through Jesus. To know ‘Eternal Love’ for who He is.

Rest down upon Him in that which is unknown. Honor Him as Sovereign Lord in all that is unresolved. As His child - born of intimacy, release yourself into the freedom of being surrendered to Him in the mystery. This is the life of Jesus…where Father’s refining presence deposits into us, His very likeness.

His grace and peace to you, my friend.

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